0.3.x - Friendship Edit

0.3.25 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.25

Major changes & additions: Edit

  • Added a new full sex scene.
  • Added a somewhat-simplified makeout scene that leads into the new sex scene.
  • Added 2 new socialisation events that can lead to the new scene.
  • Added a new path to one of the house-party actions that's the third and (for now) final way of getting to this scene. Other ways into it will be added in future releases.

Minor changes & bugfixes: Edit

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to DrGong, Max Musterman, pgiac6, Jayjay78, Death25, Joram78 (any relation to Jayjay or is 78 a popular number?) & centerflag982 (shouldn't that be centerflag78?) for reporting problems they found.
  • Disabled NPCs will no longer appear with Name: Not Set in the custom NPC test output. Instead, the name field will not appear for them.
  • Fixed a bug reported by death25 where requesting rough treatment from one partner at your house party would cause all future partners in that scene to also be rough.
  • Modified the text for some of the gallery scene actions when the pc had her first time with someone she loves as Jayjay78 had quite correctly pointed out that the what the pc said didn't always make sense for the action the player had chosen.
  • If YML parsing fails then a disabled placeholder custom NPC will be created with an appropriate error message. This won't affect actual gameplay, but it means that the Test NPCs function will show output informing the player of why the NPC isn't valid, instead of showing nothing because the process errored before creating the custom npc object.
  • Automatic outfit generation is now significantly more likely to include underwear for athletic outfits if the pc has large or medium-large breasts, as otherwise it's difficult to work out without a bra. Automatic outfits will now always include one in that circumstance if possible unless the pc has the sultry trait, and the chance is quite a bit higher even for sultry girls.
  • Automatic outfit generation can now create athletic outfits using only a sports bra as the top.
  • Added a new cheat option that doubles the number of clothes for sale in the shop.
  • Rewrote the simple “man caresses you during sex” action following a report by death25 that it wasn't correctly tracking the player's clothing status – in fact this was an old-style action like those in the original 0.1.0 version that had just a single line of text that showed up in all circumstances. It now has tender/rough/normal variants as well as actually checking the pc's clothes before describing her as “naked”.
  • Following a suggestion by Cubano, added a small action to the end of the art gallery scene where the pc goes back to experiencing the art as previously the scene ended rather abruptly. I also gave refined characters a small stress reduction, seeing as the scene is in an art gallery after all.
  • Female NPCs can now go on the pill and have a fertility cycle similar to the player's, although their fertile/safe weeks won't necessarily be in-sync with yours. This affects text and dialogue relating to impregnation-risk. However, female NPCs will not actually become pregnant for now.
  • As requested by Drew on Patreon, when playing through a scene you can now double-click an action to take it.

0.3.24 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.24

Major changes & additions: Edit

  • Added a new House Party scene. This can be accessed in the weekend-evening timeslot as long as you have at least one friend. After hosting a party, you need to wait four weeks before hosting another, or three if you're outgoing.
  • Added a scene for a sexy party game (spin-the-bottle) which can be accessed from house parties. There might well be other games added in the future as well.
  • Added a new event for when you get a boyfriend, which lets you drop other man back to acquaintance relationship status instead of dating. This will also make them less likely to ask you on dates although the effect is weaker than “just friends” status. Some characters can also decide to keep quiet about their new relationship and continue getting some on the side.

Minor changes & bugfixes: Edit

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Saur, Max Mustermann, Cubano, Nameless, NotYou, Kayla, Atc & Classique75 for reporting problems they found.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Cubano where the condition for the “let's be more than friends” action was incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Saur where a lowlife NPC transitioning from the oral scene to the makeout one was losing the flag that blocks the PC's rejection actions.
  • Fixed a bug where custom special NPCs with low priority might not get loaded, even though they don't count towards the total NPC limit.
  • Following an issue reported by NotYou, added some alternative lines for when your friend encourages you to sleep with an npc so she can hook up with his mate. If she dislikes the NPC she'll now make it a bit clearer that she thinks he's a loser even though she's asking you to have sex with him.
  • Added an alternative line requested by Saur for when you're thinking back to your first time and it was with an ugly man who's also your boss, and the pc has the ambitious trait.

Following a bug report by NotYou, added alternative outcomes to the “flirt” and “butter up suggestively” actions if you've given the pervy client a thrashing in a previous meeting.

  • Added GYM_JERK to the custom NPCs, see the updated male Npc guide for details. Please note that the gym jerk has several required traits and the game will override what you set for the custom NPC if they don't meet the requirements.
  • Added a new male orgasm description to the missionary scene: this one can trigger for male-start romantic girls having unprotected sex with a man they love. It won't appear if there are higher-priority descriptions so if you're looking for this one then avoid Romantic-personality men as they have an option that's higher in the list.
  • Also a new one for the standing scene – this time for when he lies about pulling out (it won't trigger if he does try to pull out but fails).
  • As suggested by NotYou, you can now check your stats while shopping for clothing: use the 'C' key to access the character screen.
  • Some small adjustments to the conditions unlocking the Romantic behaviour to make it less ubiquitous for romantic characters meeting strangers but easier for other characters towards their boyfriend.
  • Added some new dialogue suggested by Saur where a repairman can reference how the PC paid last time.
  • When you call a repairman, if you lied and didn't pay him on his previous visit then you'll now need extremely high charm to get away with lying again. This only applies if you didn't pay him at all. Lying but then paying with either money or sex doesn't count.

0.3.23 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.23

Major changes & additions: Edit

  • Fixed the issue of the player being able to cook dinner in the apartment even if she was treated to a meal by an NPC earlier in the evening, an incongruous date night behaviour that could immediately pull players out of their immersive Newlife experience.
  • Added custom female NPCs.
  • You can now ask a man to be “just friends” with you, which will deter him from making sexual advances in most circumstances.

Minor changes & bugfixes: Edit

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Kayla, Saur, NotYou and Cubano for reporting problems they found.
  • Fixed the problem reported by Cubano where the custom NPC tooltip was just appearing on one line.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Mihir where men with the jerk personality didn't have a reduced chance of being conscientious, and a second one where character types weren't being checked properly when determining if they got the Magic Fingers trait.
  • Men can now invite themselves back home with you at the end of a date. The player can refuse them, but only when passing a willpower test.
  • Added quite a few alternatives to the “his penis twitches inside you” line that appears when your sexual partner is about to orgasm during unprotected sex.
  • Added some more descriptive text when changing into a sexy outfit at home, if that outfit means you're naked or just wearing panties.
  • Added a new nightclub action for NPCs where they can stop by briefly to talk with you instead of chatting you up. This is primarily intended for those under the “just friends” curse, but can be used by others in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug with uneditable character creation where some checkboxes were being re-enabled on loading templates or selecting the “block rough content” option – this was reported by NotYou on the 0.3.13 version and is finally off the todo list.

0.3.22 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.22

Major changes & additions: Edit

  • Added a new weekend activity: spend time with friends. This will reduce stress and slowly increase your relationships with your friends. There isn't a guaranteed scene based on this, but instead some special events are added to the normal list. The stress reduction from this action is based on your highest friendship status, with additional bonuses & penalties for each friend at Close or Bad status. This means that having more friends can benefit you, but only if you're close with all of them.
  • Added three new events for the above activity. One of these incorporates suggestions from Novus Operandi, sid67, Cubano, Erica Heathrow, Derp and probably a few other patrons I've forgotten to name here – thanks for your help!

Minor changes & bugfixes: Edit

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Fiery Dog Poop and Baby J for reporting problems they found.
  • As requested by Chris on patreon, added a line to the character screen showing who you lost your virginity to. This will only appear if your character isn't a virgin, and only if her first time was with a man from the game.
  • Fixed a bug where summer dresses weren't being created pink for the player (due to a typo, purple had a double chance of being chosen instead).
  • Fixed a bug “reported” by Cubano where the rare virgin party-girl npcs never lost their virginity when going home with men on nights out. There's now a 2/3 chance of this happening.
  • Fixed a bug reported by NotYou where you could enter the gym a second time without a membership if you had a fine to pay from your free visit. You now get prompted to buy a membership after paying the fine, and need to pay for both to use the gym.
  • Fixed a bug reported by NotYou where work experience from the male character wasn't being transferred to the female one.
  • Added an option to disable custom NPCs, as requested by NotYou and Saur. This only affects new games – changing the value won't add or remove NPCs from saved games.
  • Added a new dialogue action to the bar-with-friend scene, as suggested by Cubano.

0.3.21 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.21

Major changes & additions: Edit

  • A new event: that can occur randomly if you have an innocent female friend. Well, technically two events, the speciality club and the promotion follow up event.

Minor changes & bugfixes: Edit

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Novus Operandi, Cubano, Saur, Death25 and Kayla for reporting problems they found.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Shadow Valentine with party-girls in the club acting like the pc is pregnant when she isn't, and vice-versa.
  • Added a line to tops and dresses detailed description to highlight when they can't be work with bras – change requested by Saika on LoK.
  • Following a post from Niara, added a random element when letting your date decide what to do in the adult shop along with some additional descriptive text.
  • Previously, chaos mode female-start characters were never virgins. Not really an issue before Secret mode because the player could just change it in chargen, but it meant that secret-mode starts would always have experience. This has now been changed so creating a secret-chaos female-start character has a chance of being a virgin based on her traits (highest for cute + shy, lowest for sultry + flirty, 50% if you have none of these traits). Male-start characters are still always virgins at the start as they obviously won't have had a chance to have sex in their female body. Thanks to OrangeJuice for reporting this issue.
  • Added a short alternative orgasm that can show up in cowgirl position when the pc is heavily pregnant.
  • Added a new stat: acts of evil. This doesn't include cheating, which has its own counter. Just in case I've forgotten something, if you're evil and it doesn't increase this stat then let me know and I'll update the action. Also, shame on you.
  • The gym jerk now only has a 2/3 probability of being automatically added to the gym scene (although he gets a second chance as part of normal NPC selection). This is to address issues with a lack of variety to the accidental changing room scene. Note that the jerk's bonus chance of appearing is completely eliminated if you agree with Horse to stop having changing room encounters with him and the jerk.
  • Added actions to the bar scene that let you leave before the evening ends, at the cost of annoying your companion if they're a party-girl (which, for now, they are). This glaring omission from the last version was pointed out by Cubano.
  • Female NPCs now have their virginity tracked, although this is almost always unused in scenes. The chance of an npc being a virgin is based on her age and character type. This information will be displayed in the character browser with high enough knowledge: 30, to be precise.
  • Added a few lines to the “watch friend have sex” path in the taxi scene for the extremely unlikely situation that your party-girl friend turns out to be a virgin. This is such a rare situation that I don't recommend people go out of their way to get it in this release – wait for custom female npcs to go in.
  • Added some extra lines of text for the player discovering she's pregnant when she was on the pill, as can happen with e.g. the forgetful trait. Thanks to NotYou for reporting the lack of suitable text there.
  • Added a “criticise your lover” action for bitchy characters, as (sort-of) suggested by Malik P. Well, they suggested dominant dialogue for the player, but this might be more insulting than dominant. Conditions: male-dominant sex scene, bitchy, didn't ask the man to be rough, hasn't had an orgasm, not in love, not shy, low arousal (threshold is based on liking).

0.3.20 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.20

Major changes & additions: Edit

  • A new activity: you can go to a bar with one of your female friends. For now, this is only enabled for party-girl npcs.
  • Added a new scene as an offshoot of the female befriending one. To access this you need to win (not draw!) the drinking contest, which means you need the clear-headed trait. After winning, accept the stranger's help.
  • Some updates to custom NPCs. Special NPC traits (LOWLIFE, REPAIRMAN, SALES_BOSS) are now mutually exclusive. Also, the SALES_BOSS trait can now be added.
  • Patrons can now use cheats on the secret starts, as requested by a number of people. To do this, set the new “use cheats in secret mode” option. This will cause the female character creation screen to be displayed with only the advanced tab showing.

Minor changes & bugfixes: Edit

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Cubano, Erica Heathrow, Deus ExLibris and Novus Operandi for reporting problems they found.
  • Added some alternative text to one of the oral scene orgasm sections, as suggested by Delargante.
  • As suggested by NotYou, changed the home date scene to no longer fix up the characters' clothing on returning from the dance sub-scene.
  • Also as suggested by NotYou, added a chance (50%) for female-start sultry characters to have no underwear in their starting outfit. Male-start sultry characters will now never have the ill-fitting underwear.

0.3.19 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.19

Major changes & additions: Edit

  • Yet more internal changes for female NPCs. It turns out there was more still to do here than I'd expected.
  • Female NPCs will now appear in the npc browser
  • Female NPCs can be befriended and will appear on the friends screen.
  • Added one female NPC to the nightclub scene, with a minimal “chat” action. While there isn't much interaction here, it lets you see the npc character description.
  • Added a befriending scene for female NPCs with different paths based on their character type. To get your relationship up to befriending levels, go to the nightclub and choose the new “Chat with another girl” action. You can do this once per visit, and it has a large impact on relationships – I'll be reducing this later but for now this action is the only way to improve your relationship so it needs to be powerful.

Minor changes & bugfixes: Edit

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Ted, Kayla, Pintapau and several patrons over PM for reporting problems they found.
  • Added the pc's breast size to the character screen, as suggested by NotYou on Patreon.
  • Added a new trait (“LOWLIFE”) that's available with custom characters.

Additional Updates Edit

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Cubano & Drgong for reporting problems they found.
  • Removed “Ruben” from the name pool, as “Reuben” was also there. Thanks to Cubano for reporting this.
  • Fixed a bizarre bug where party-girls had a 50% chance of treating any character as if they were pregnant... even if they weren't. Thanks to Cubano, Jennifer666, John Doe, Alliterative Acolyte & Joe Schmoe for reporting this problem.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Cubano where the party-girl befriend scene included drinking if your relationship was good enough for her to become your friend without the challenge, even if you were pregnant.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Cubano where a bad friendship effect that requires you to pay off the friend was actually increasing the player's money instead of decreasing it.
  • Following a request by Novus Operandi, added a line to the “Suggest getting a drink” action that summarises the pc's alcohol level.
  • Fixed a bug with game creation that could cause issues if the player created large numbers of custom lowlife npcs.
  • Fixed the bug with an error showing up in some circumstances after oral sex in the new scene. It also fixes the issue with the female-start casual outfit that Alliterative Acolyte reported in his or her comment on the 0.3.19b post.

0.3.18 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.18

Major changes & additions: Edit

  • Lots of internal changes to support female NPCs, although there's still more work to be done before they'll be ready to appear in the game.
  • Extensive rework of how clothes are generated, although this is another internal change with few obvious effects for now – the main purpose is to allow NPC outfits to be created based on their preferred style.
  • Added a button on the Wardrobe screen that has the game automatically create outfits for you using the clothes in your wardrobe. See the in-game help for more details.
  • Rebalanced stat modifiers for clothing.

Minor changes & bugfixes: Edit

  • Fixes to text and UI issues. Thanks to Cubano, Delargante and OrangeJuice for reporting problems they found.
  • Added tooltips to the Options screen, as suggested by Mugunghwa. These explain what the different options do. Hover the mouse over an option's name to see its tooltip.
  • As requested by Triangleman09, added an action to pull your underwear aside to the makeout scenes – this is largely the same as the one in the oral sex scene.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Aethar where pregnancy wasn't being checked when determining if the pc was thin enough to slip through a tiny hole in the wall.
  • Following a suggestion by Delargante, Horse's friend now has alternative dialogue if you're his girlfriend when he introduces you.
  • Added a new small npc action to the doggystyle scene.
  • Added a possibility where behaviour-based rejection of npcs trying to undress you can fail if you're drunk. This won't currently affect many scenes though as rejection responses don't appear very often.
  • Your starting casual clothes on the non-transformed female start will now be based more on your traits
  • Although yoga pants have base stats that lean towards casualness, this only applies for casual outfits - when worn in an athletic outfit their casualness/elegance is now 0.
  • Added short work skirts.
  • Added sports skirts.
  • Added a plain nightgown, for characters who prefer an understated traditional style.
  • Added slips as a more elegant option for sexy nightwear.
  • A couple of people on Patreon had reported that the default text was too large in the clothing description boxes. I've added a separate option to handle text for them.

0.3.17 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.17

Major changes & additions: Edit

  • NPCs can now end oral scenes, although not all of them will do so. If he does this then oral will be disabled for the rest of your date under most circumstances. NPCs won't end oral scenes that they initiated themselves. This has been requested quite a few times so I don't have a full list of people to credit, but most recently it was by Aethar and Death25 on tfgs.
  • Added a new PREFERS_SEX npc trait as an anti-trait to LIKES_ORAL.
  • Newlife is now deployed as a zipped folder containing both the jar and exe files as well as required library jars.
  • Fixed the longstanding bug where Newlife was checking for files such as custom npcs in the execution directory instead of the one containing the game. This won't have affected most users as these directories are usually the same, but there are some situations where they can be different.
  • Added a new options screen which can be accessed from the scene viewer, main menu and week planner using the appropriate buttons or the 'O' shortcut key. Options are saved in the newlife_gamedata folder in a .properties file. This can be modified in a text editor if you want to set options without running the game. You need to run the game at least once for the file to be created though.
  • Font size for the main text components can now be customized in the options screen. This might cause some components to get resized in an odd or visually-unappealing way, especially if the new size is very much larger than the default. For now buttons, labels and so on are still limited to the default font sizes.
  • Other options can also be set, such as default male and female names for the player-character, whether to do quickstart on beginning new games, and what type of randomization to use on quickstart games. Note that most randomisation choices only apply to games begun as a male character. See under Minor Changes for detail of the exceptions.
  • Two new randomisation options: Secret Tweaked and Secret Chaos. These are the same as Tweaked & Chaos except the female character creation screen is skipped and the traits panel is hidden in the character screen. This means you won't know your own character's traits and will have to figure them out through gameplay.

Minor changes & bugfixes: Edit

  • Fixes to text & UI issues issues. Thanks to BleepBloop, Sharinda, Vandana.Ghost & Cubano for reporting problems they found.
  • Fixed a problem reported by OrangeJuice where going to the gym in a sports bra would describe you as clad only in your underwear even if you were wearing yoga pants or other lower-body clothing.
  • Added some alternative lines to one of the doggy-style orgasm descriptions to avoid an issue reported by over PM on Patreon where the specific description would have the pc angrily insulting the man, but the standard insemination text that appears straight afterwards indicates that she isn't angry with him.
  • Some minor text improvements & new lines for a few existing scenes.
  • Added a new cheat requested by Patrick Daitya where all NPCs except for special ones who can't appear randomly start the game with your phone number.
  • Adjusted how men are chosen for the gym scene to make it easier to meet certain non-standard ones.
  • Made some modifications to npc action weights in the pervy client home scene. In particular, the action where he tries to have sex with the player has an increased likelihood based on her attractiveness now.
  • Improved some error handling. Exceptions in Scenes should now end the scene and be reported to the player. This will make them easier to identify & fix and mean that it should no longer be possible to get stuck on a blank scene if it errors when first called.
  • Following a question from Kyoro about sleeping with your boss for a promotion I've reduced the bonus points for that action. It will still usually be quite a lot, but if he was reluctant to give you the promotion then he might need further persuading afterwards. Jerk bosses will also now sometimes be harder to persuade.
  • Removed the quick-start buttons from the main menu, as this is now controlled by the quickstart option accessible from the options screen.
  • Doubled arousal increases to the player from the npc's actions in both pervy client scenes.
  • Added an action requested by cubano where Ambitious or Bitchy characters can exploit getting pregnant from the important client to pressure him into a sale.
  • The female character creation screen now starts with a random name picked if you didn't set a default.
  • Added a button to the female character creation screen that picks a new random name. The names are based on a list of popular ones in the UK that I found online, so if you don't like them blame Britain's parents, not me.
  • Setting Chaos or Secret Chaos as default quickstart option will now also affect female games. This might not make that much sense according to the storyline, but it gives people the option of playing a random character as a challenge. Any other option is ignored as the others all need to be based off a male character, which the female start doesn't have. This also applies to non-quickstart games for female start. The non-quickstart male game does not use the options, as the player's given a choice in the intro scene.

0.3.16 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.16

Major changes & additions: Edit

  • Improved handling of the TACITURN npc trait throughout many scenes in the game.
  • Added a new scene that can appear as an alternative to the usual one when selecting a certain activity.

Minor changes & bugfixes: Edit

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks Joe Schmoe, BleepBloop, Cubano and Axeon for reporting problems they found.
  • CHARMING and TACITURN are now opposing traits, as they don't really make sense together. If you had a custom npc with both then you should remove one or they won't load in the new version.
  • Added some new future-love-life options to the female-start endgame sequence.
  • Men's descriptions will now tell you if you've had sex together, unless this would be made redundant by other parts of the description (such as having children together)
  • The prenatal class activity is now disabled when the player has max childcare skill.
  • Fixed a bug where you could still watch films on dates if you buy a TV and a media player but then the TV gets broken. The stress benefit to the rest activity from having a media player is now also nullified in this situation.
  • Fixed a bug where special npcs that were supposed to be restricted to certain scenes could still show up at the dance contest.

0.3.15 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.15

Major changes & additions: Edit

  • One new scene which can be accessed from a date if you or the guy you're out with have certain traits.
  • You can now ask your partner to remove a condom, as requested on Patreon by Fiery Dog Poop, which I assume is not their real name.

Minor changes & bugfixes: Edit

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to atc, death25, plundernoob, notyou & secondarian for reporting problems they found.
  • Added a change suggested by neokenka where the player will get a willpower hit if she has a lot of orgasms. This counts all orgasms across the scene-chain (e.g. nightclub-home-sex-morning after) regardless of how you have them or who you have them with. The effect starts at 3 orgasms – one or two does not give you a penalty. The maximum effect is at a fairly ridiculous 10+ orgasms and is as large as the maximum alcohol modifier.
  • Added shortcut keys to the describe people ('D') and describe scene ('S') buttons, as requested by LavBlu
  • Slightly improved the variety of sexy outfits npcs can pick (in e.g. the befriend scene where you go shopping).
  • Fixed a bug where concert invitations were not becoming less likely as the pc attended them. The chance of a concert being on in any particular week will now reduce as the pc goes to them, with the maximum reduction after attending two.
  • Npcs who get drunk will now have an extra line in their descriptions with a clue to how soused they are – this was a suggestion from Baby J on Patreon.
  • Npcs can now autonomously wear condoms if the pc is on the pill or pregnant, but the action is rarer in these situations.
  • Slightly rewrote some of the male npc clothing descriptions.
  • Fixed a very unusual situation reported by Cubano where you can end up having a 0-year anniversary.
  • Fixed a problem in one scene reported by death25 where you can end up drinking alcohol even when pregnant.

Update: the following changes were added in an improved version released 22/01: Edit

  • Fixes to text issues reported by Cubano and BleepBloop
  • Made it easier to orgasm during the pervy client office scene by firstly increasing the arousal bonus for low-self-esteem characters and secondly adding another boost for characters with the overactive imagination trait who go to his office without wearing underwear. This only applies to the office version of the scene – the home one is unchanged.
  • Rewrote the booty-call scene to have more variation, including some new lines for men who like oral sex.
  • Added some lines for men who like oral sex to the scene where your partner visits when you're stressed out.

0.3.14 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.14

Major changes & additions: Edit

  • Added a new scene which will occasionally show up as an alternative to the usual date in town.
  • Some new groping content for the new scene is also now available in some older ones in a slightly modified format. While it currently only shows up in some very specific situations, it'll eventually be available as part of one of the standard makeout scenes, and so these additions bring the game closer to a major update to one of them.
  • When starting a new game you’ll find a Christmas present in your character’s wardrobe.

Minor changes & bugfixes: Edit

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Cubano, Axeon, Death25 & OrangeJuice for reporting problems they found.
  • Implemented a suggestion from Cubano - if you have a framed photo of your boyfriend and go to bed with another man seeing the picture will now remind you that you're cheating and make you feel guilty. Romantic characters can get a point of stress from this.
  • Added a stat to track how many times you've been unfaithful. This is currently quite forgiving and won't count times you stopped things partway.
  • The custom NPC test output now includes the path to the directory the game is checking for npcs.
  • Npcs who disliked you are now less likely to ask you on dates, although this can still happen if they’re in love or find you very attractive.
  • Reduced asking-out chances for men with the IMPREGNATOR trait when you’re pregnant, and men who DOESNT WANT KIDS if you’re pregnant or have children.

0.3.13 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.13

Major changes & additions: Edit

  • Following a request on the blog, added an option to block rough/abusive content in character creation. This will stop jerk npcs from autonomously taking the sort of actions that are unlocked by the “treat me mean” request even if you haven't asked him to be rough with you. There will undoubtedly be rough actions that aren't caught by this option yet. If you find an npc being excessively unpleasant to you when you've selected it then please post a blog comment with the copy-pasted text so I can fix it.
  • Added more variety to certain actions in existing scenes: Tell him you're ready, romantic kiss and the move hips action in the missionary scene.
  • Added a new action to sex scenes where your partner has refused to pull out. You can now beg him not to finish inside you as a repeatable follow-up action. This never actually works. This change was suggested over pm on Patreon from one of Newlife's patrons, so say thanks to them in the comments if you like it!
  • In an addition suggested by Cubano, romantic characters who don't have low self-esteem can now dump their boyfriend if he forgets an anniversary.
  • A new npc trait for custom npcs - REPAIRMAN. Npcs with this trait won't be valid in earlier versions. See the updated custom npc guide for a description of its effects.
  • One new random event.

Minor changes & bugfixes: Edit

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Cubano, Archmage Bob and good old Anonymous Blog Commenter for reporting problems they found.
  • Updated knowledge increases to use friendship status.
  • Improved how stress and the charm skill modify liking as you first get to know someone.
  • Added a few more descriptions for your character arriving at a nightclub.
  • Modified love thresholds for Low Self Esteem. Previously they had a “quick-fix” implementation that just let them always fall in love. Now they fall in love based mostly on attraction (not attraction + liking like most characters) but get a bonus if they dislike the man as they feel they “deserve” to be with someone horrid. Low Self Esteem girls still fall in love more easily if they have the Romantic trait, but girls with Bitchy + Low Self Esteem don't get the usual increase to the threshold that Bitchy gives other characters.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Cubano where the time check was being skipped on returning to a home date from sex, which meant that the player was able to choose 2-part actions like the important talk one only to find the scene end before they could pick the action for the second part.
  • Characters with Low Self Esteem now get more forgiving text and lower relationship penalties when other girls would get the “angry and upset” response to the man finishing inside them when they asked him to pull out. The enjoyment penalty (and therefore stress effects) is just as big though – Low Self Esteem girls are just as upset as normal ones, they just blame themselves instead of the man.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Porne where heavily pregnant girls would be told there was a dance competition but be unable to attend. Now they're still unable to attend, but the message on the week planner screen makes it clear why.
  • Fixed a bug reported by pgiac2 where the game would break if you split up with your boyfriend in an event that happened on the same week as your anniversary but in an earlier timeslot.
  • Fixed an issue where your boyfriend would forget that you'd asked him to be rough when you went to sleep on your anniversary – this should last the entire scene chain, for consistency with normal dates.

0.3.12 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.12:

Major changes & additions: Edit

  • Split the changelog into two sections – one for major changes and one for minor ones and bugfixes. This is the principal change for this release and took most of the development time.
  • Custom NPCs can be tested using the “Test NPCs” button on the main menu (shortcut 'T'). This should make it easier to identify problems where they don't show up.
  • You can now relax at a spa on the weekend. There's no associated scene, but the activity can significantly reduce stress. The effect varies on how comfortable you are with this sort of girly way of relaxing. For the maxiumum bonus you need femininity skill over 50, but even at lower skill levels the spa will usually be better than relaxing at home. The spa weekend is very expensive, with a price of £250 unless you can somehow get a voucher for free entry.
  • You can now celebrate anniversaries with your boyfriend.

Minor changes & bugfixes: Edit

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Cubano, Centerflag & Death25 for reporting problems they found.
  • Also fixed a typo in the intro reported over pm on patreon. Looking at where this error was, it had probably been there unnoticed since 0.1.0!
  • Fixed a bug reported by atc where custom npcs would error if the race wasn't specified.
  • Fixed a bug where initial arousal wasn't being set in the booty-call scene.
  • Fixed a bug where the ticket for a free dance class was only removed from your inventory if the common but not guaranteed dance-class scene triggered.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Cubano where npcs could still take their action in the porn cinema even when they should be prevented from other things that happened that same turn, such as having an orgasm.
  • Reworked the conditions for asking your partner to be rough so it won't show up quite as much for normal girls. You can still get it to always show up if you combine likes rough with low self-esteem. Girls with normal self-esteem won't ask strangers to be rough with them, and they need to be at least slightly turned on.
  • Following a request from a while back on Patreon, both you and npcs will now get a bonus to attraction if you're in love with the other person. This only takes effect at the highest level of love.

0.3.11 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.11

0.3.11 adds custom npc creation, which means you can define your own npcs to appear in the game. There's a new section in the in-game help with instructions, and you can also look here. Edit: 0.3.11 has a bug where blank race fields are being treated as custom ones. This means that you can only leave skin, hair or eye colour blank if you've specified a default race (e.g. "black", "white" etc). This will be fixed in the next version, but for now the workaround is to make sure to populate either the race (with a default value) or all three of skin, eye & hair colours.

Here's the full changelog:

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to John, Cubano, Centerflag, Plundernoob & Death25 for reporting problems they found.
  • Fixed an issue with the striptease action reported by death25. This will now be available as long as your character isn't completely naked.
  • Fixed npc descriptions to use “an” where their race string starts with a vowel.
  • Fixed an issue reported on Patreon where the second IMPREGNATOR friend event can lead to an odd sex scene with the player's legs open even though she has shorts or jeans around her thighs.
  • Fixed a bug with assigning the BAD_DANCER trait to npcs. This should now be much more common among normal npcs (although still rare), and GOOD_DANCER should be a bit rarer.
  • Fixed another situation where impregnators would be shocked to discover that they'd successfully impregnated the pc.
  • Men will sometimes be more willing to stay the night if they haven't already had sex with you that evening.
  • Added a rare alternative description for “move your hips” during the missionary scene. The conditions for this are very specific, so most characters won't see it.
  • Added a new “rough” male orgasm to the missionary scene.
  • Added a new trait for npcs, an equivalent to the player's Clever Hands one. It has a fairly limited effect in game – mostly it just modifies certain makeout actions.
  • Custom npcs can now be added to the game
  • Added a new cheat option, as requested in a comment on Patreon.
  • Slightly reduced the chance of men initiating oral, as this was happening a bit too much in testing.
  • One new random event.

0.3.10 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.10

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Cubano, Atc, Death25, BabyJ and Jononamous for reporting problems they found, as well as a whole bunch of patrons who helped me out with finding problems in a dev version a few days ago. Without you girls and guys there'd be just so many typos and text problems with the release version, thank you so much for helping out!
  • The most important change ever – fixed “who to befriend” to correctly read “whom to befriend”. Thanks to Cubano for reporting this problem. With such a big change, it seems almost pointless to do anything else this release. Surely no-one will even notice any other changes after their bedazzlement with the proper use of the objective pronoun.
  • Going to have sex in the gym showers will now correctly strip your character naked, thanks to Cubano for reporting this issue.
  • Fixed a silly bug reported by Cubano where the pc could have an orgasm while leaving the changing room.
  • Added some alternative text to fix the odd situation where impregnators can be shocked at the player's pregnancy, even though they were trying to knock her up.
  • Fixed some issues reported over pm on patreon with controls being incorrectly enabled or disabled in character generation.
  • Added a trait “likes rough”. This lets the player ask her partners to be rough with her in some situations, which unlocks a lot of the humiliation/rough-sex content that's added in this release. Some of this content can still be chosen autonomously by jerk npcs though. In the current version men will always agreed to this, but in future I might add traits that give a failure chance.
  • You can also change your mind and ask your partner to stop being rough. In some situations he's able to refuse this request.
  • The "treat me mean" action normally lasts for one date, but you can have a serious talk with your man if you want to be his bitch all the time.
  • Modified many willpower checks, conditions and so on based on the above condition.
  • Improved the npc logic for deciding how they'll behave. Some men can now fake their behaviour in certain circumstances if they want something from the player (usually sex). However, once they've got what they want their true douchebag nature will assert itself.
  • Updated the existing logic behind men choosing which pace to use for sex to take this new trait into account.
  • Made some changes to enjoyment & arousal in sex, mostly to take the new trait into account. Also, having sex at extremely low arousal levels will now quickly drain your enjoyment, with negative consequences both to stress relief and to how your character views her partner.
  • The cowgirl sex position will be unavailable when you've asked him to be rough with you. Also added an action that men can take during non-rough makeouts that lets them initiate sex while you're on top of them.
  • Reworked the conditions & probability of the npc's action where they go back on top of you.
  • Men get a new action in the doggystyle position, which they can take if the pc has asked them to be rough with her, or if their preferences lie in that direction.
  • New content for the oral sex scene.
  • New makeout actions and updated conditions for existing ones.
  • Added a new orgasm possibility to the standing and missionary sex scenes.
  • New npc speech actions for makeout & sex scenes, excluding the cowgirl one.
  • Agreeing to be treated roughly unlocks a new action for the man when you're in your home.
  • Men won't cook breakfast for you if you've asked them to treat you mean, but have another action available instead.
  • Added an alternative text message for booty calls.
  • Say you're uncertain now works differently if you've asked him to be rough. In that situation it's only available for Cute girls and represents a clearly fake request that he slow down. You can still use the strong rejection if you actually want him to stop.

0.3.9 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.9

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Cubano, Bagashi, Jenneke, atc, antage and OrangeJuice for reporting problems they found.
  • Added an option to sell your home decorations from the scene where you shop for your flat. You recoup half the money, and can then buy a different decoration if you want. This was suggested by The Observer on Fenoxo's forum.
  • Men can now always push you to your knees if you're too pregnant to have sex while standing – this should fix an issue reported by OrangeJuice where pregnant standing makeouts could go on forever if the player didn't take appropriate action to get the guy off. I also improved the logic a little for impregnator npcs and oral sex.
  • Fixed a bug I found while answering a forum question from freyja where stress reduction from taking care of your children with high childcare skill wasn't being properly handled and in some cases could actually increase stress. While there is still a random element, you will now never suffer a stress increase if you have a childcare skill of 80 or more.
  • Added a change requested by Herrzimm where you can lean over and use your mouth in the porn theatre. This requires your partner to have his cock out, and there are other requirements based on traits & behaviour.
  • Halved the duration of the nightclub dancing scene and rebalanced action effects & weights to compensate.
  • Changed the chance of an npc initiating nightclub dancing to be based on his dance traits. The probability for good dancers is the same as before, for average ones slightly lower, and for bad dancers very low.
  • Men who are bad dancers now have a chance of refusing when the player asks them to dance in a nightclub.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Secondarian in one of the last version's new scenes, where refusing to open your legs would cause an error.
  • Following a request from Zia, the escape key now lets you quit to the main menu from the week planner screen. This ends the current game without the possibility of returning so save first if you plan to continue it later.
  • Following another suggestion from Zia, your breasts will now be one size larger when you're in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.
  • Following a suggestion on Patreon, added a Charmless option in character creation which gives you -40 to your starting & maximum charm skill.
  • Added some new text for the “cup his balls” action when the player has the maternal trait and is pregnant with the man's child, or if she's fertile and he's already fathered a child on her before.
  • Added a new npc trait MISANTHROPE which will sometimes appear for men with the Personality#Jerk personality – the chance is currently 50%. This puts a (fairly low) cap on the maximum he can like you – a change that may need balancing in the future. This should be interesting for people who want Jerks to continue being jerkish long-term, but it does mean that you're no longer guaranteed to be able to “win over” a man who treats you badly at first. It is still possible for him to fall in love with you, although liking does have some input into love calculations so there may be some cases where this is prevented.
  • Added a new friendship effect that can appear for misanthropes, although it'll be quite rare for them to actually become someone's friend.
  • One new breakfast option, as suggested by Cubano.
  • Fixed a bug reported over PM on Patreon where some of your clothing wasn't being removed properly in the impregnator's seduction story even when the text said he was taking it off.
  • Fixed the relationship browser not considering any men to be present in the gym scene.
  • Added a sexy new scene which can be accessed by going to the gym.
  • Added a different second scene which is also accessed by going to the gym. Get your sports kit on!

0.3.8 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.8

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Cubano, Ignis, Death25, Souldead341, The Observer and Nonono222 for reporting problems they found.
  • Changed the scene description for the doggy scene to solve a problem reported by Cubano where condom-specific text could never appear because they get removed at the end of orgasm processing.
  • Added a new possibility for the male orgasm text in the cowgirl sex scene which can trigger for Romantic girls in some situations.
  • Following a forum post by gravifan89, added new cheat options to start with higher skill levels.
  • Neither you nor the man now has access to condoms in the shower. The relevant actions are disabled for shower makeouts.
  • Restricted the men's ability to get back on top of you after you straddle them. This is now blocked the same turn you've taken the “straddle” action or any of the other actions that lead directly to cowgirl sex.
  • Following a suggestion by Cubano, modified what the player says when she asks a guy to pull out if she's pregnant or on the pill. Also added a new category for her reaction when he lies or fails to pull out where she's more inclined to forgive him in that situation. “Safe days” are not included in either of those situations, as they still aren't 100% safe. However, Forgetful or Unusual Body Chemistry on the pill are included as the pc herself is assumed not to be aware that she isn't fully protected.
  • Fixed a problem with the Movie Theater Event reported by Kao Rock where some gender-bender text was being shown for female-start characters and added some alternative text for them.
  • Added an short alternative branch to the “trying on sexy outfits” path of the shopping befriend scene. This has fairly specific requirements so it won't show up very often, but I think it'll be a fun one when it does.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Cubano that caused problems if the treasure-hunting event triggered when the player had been treasure-hunting before and has no boyfriend.
  • Also fixed a bug I found while fixing the above bug where the Treasure Hunter Event couldn't trigger if the treasure-hunter was your boyfriend, even if you'd had the event with him before when he was just a friend.
  • Added a new random event chain.

0.3.7 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.7

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Pandora Reed, Cubano, death25 & souldead341 for reporting problems they found.
  • Fixed the player's arousal increase for feeling her breasts during cowgirl sex being too high if she had the Sensitive Breasts trait.
  • Some other small modifications to a few sex actions, usually to take into account preference information that wasn't being checked.
  • Fixed a bug where encouraging the pervy client multiple times could have unintended effects on the actions he chose.
  • If you've had sex with the pervy client, then he'll always count as being “encouraged” in any future scenes – unless you've also beaten him up at some point. Due to limitations in the information that the game tracks, this only applies to penetrative sex, not oral.
  • Following a bug report by OrangeJuice, modified the Treasure Hunter Event so there's only one npc this can happen with in each game. The initial conditions are the same as before, with multiple npcs who could join for for it, but once the scene has happened once then any future occurrences will always have the same man. This prevents various odd or nonsensical storyline problems. The probability of the event firing will normally be unchanged, but it will become unavailable if it happens once and then you unfriend the npc or let your relationship with him drop.
  • The Treasure Hunter Event can now trigger with your boyfriend, as long as you've been treasure-hunting with him before. It won't happen for the first time the event fires though – I guess treasure-hunting is something he does to get some “me time” and he doesn't want his girlfriend along unless you already have that sort of partnership.
  • Mums can now play with their existing baby while waiting for the results of a pregnancy test.
  • Fixed an issue reported by Cubano where breakfast choices didn't depend on owning cooking gear. You now need to have bought this to serve any breakfast that requires cooking (i.e. the full English and porridge choices).
  • Ambitious characters no longer get the increased stress from working once they've reached a top-level job in their career – currently just "elite saleswoman". Top-level jobs have an extra line in their description explaining this, so it should be obvious which ones they are when the promotion is available.
  • The makeout 'push him away' type actions are no longer automatically disabled when you get close to orgasm, but now require a willpower check instead. For an average willpower character, this means they'll tend to become unavailable earlier than before.
  • Men can no longer initiate sex or move to an more intense makeout position the same turn that you've taken one of the opposite actions (e.g. “push him away”, “move his cock away”).
  • Added the doggy-style sex scene, which can be initiated from the lying-down makeout by either you or your partner. At the moment the actions that get you on your hands & knees immediately start sex. This will change in future updates once a parallel set of makeout actions have been written and hands & knees can be made into a separate sub-position similar to when your character is on top.

0.3.6 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.6

  • Fixes to text issues. Thanks to Death25, Cubano & phantombird for reporting problems they found.
  • Implemented a change suggested by Cubano where having a friend who lives near you gives you a small chance of being with them when you’d otherwise be mugged, and therefore avoiding attack. For now you’ll have to take pot luck as to whether your friend lives in your area as this isn’t shown anywhere – although if he’s tried to save you from mugging before then you know he lives nearby. When the Homes update gets added this will become more important and will probably be easier to discover.
  • Fixed a bug reported on a blog comment where an exception was being thrown if you told someone you were pregnant while being single, they asked you to become their girlfriend, and you refused.
  • Added a check for heavily pregnant characters trying to climb the watertower, as suggested by Cubano.
  • Changed the ‘pain and suffering’ action in the dance contest to test against the Fitness skill instead of a flat success chance.
  • Following a problem report by death25, modified the starting relationship bonuses for npc traits so they couldn't push you all the way into the second liking category.
  • A new event chain that can fire once you've been promoted past the starting job.

0.3.5 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.5

  • Fixes for text issues. Thanks to Cubano, Erica, Middling emu, UnLimiTeD, Death25 & KTDid for reporting problems they found, as well as one patron over pm.
  • Fixed a bug where having sex for someone if they agreed to be your friend was showing an error message once the sex scene finishes. This doesn't actually affect gameplay because the game's response to the error is to end the befriending scene, and it's supposed to finish there anyway.
  • Added a “mental changes” option to character creation as requested by essdee on tfgs. This is sort of an opposite to the “physical changes only” one in that it has a high chance of mental changes but that your physical traits will be the same as in fixed mode. As with the other randomisation choices it isn't available in quick start (for now) or when starting as a female (obviously, as they don't have a male body to base the randomisation on).
  • Following a post from UnLimiTeD, changed the conditions for the “start touching yourself” action while pleasuring a partner. This is now only blocked if you're busy giving him a full titjob. Other actions that require both hands will stop you touching yourself the same turn but won't stop you from selecting it for the next one.
  • Fixed another issue reported by UnLimiTeD where you could make coffee the morning after a date even if you didn't have a kettle.
  • Slightly reduced the effect of alcohol on willpower.
  • Added a willpower bonus to the “stop having sex” action when your partner is being rough with you and you aren't ready for that sort of thing yet.
  • Added a cute version of the babydoll for sexy nightwear outfits.
  • The stat screen now tracks the number of times you've been mugged – this includes both successful and unsuccessful attempts.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Cubano where the “watch men” action at the gym wasn't properly acting as a rest action.
  • Added an alternative activity for when you try to make a friend.
  • One new random event.

0.3.4 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.4

  • Fixes for text issues. Thanks to Cubano for reporting problems they found.
  • Added a character creation section for Category:Mutation traits, which are ones like rapid pregnancy that don't exist in real life.
  • Added two new traits to the Category:Mutation category.
  • Added FASHIONABLE as a new npc trait, and put a bit more variety into some npc outfits.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Pintapau on TFGS where many makeout actions weren't able to make the player orgasm. As part of this fix, most characters will orgasm about 1% more easily now ;)
  • Fixed a bug reported by Neokenka on patreon where you couldn't set a game length over 999 turns because the field was adding a thousands separator (so 1000 became 1,000) and this was viewed as non-numeric.
  • Reduced the minimum game length in the cheat options to 1, for people who really like the endgame scenes.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Anlu where your count of children with a man wasn't always being properly increased.
  • Fixed a second bug reported by Anlu where you wouldn't get the chance to be walked home from a date if it ran out of time as you exited the porno cinema.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Cubano where the game would sometimes think you were being bought a drink, when in fact you were on your own. This same bug also meant that you weren't being charged for soft drinks.
  • It's now much easier to unlock the befriend action for someone, but your attempt to make a friend is no longer guaranteed to succeed.
  • No more tissues in the shower.
  • Fixed an oversight reported by laevus where getting a drink after the dance class wasn't increasing the appropriate stat.
  • Added a fertility treatment to the GP, as suggested by Kao Rock on a blog comment. This significantly increases your chance of conception, but doesn't guarantee it.
  • Due to mass player outrage, renamed the DVD player to “media player” and the associated action to “watch a film”.
  • Added a new scene for making friends. If your relationship is good then it'll be easy, but otherwise you might have to convince him...

0.3.3 Edit

Here's the full changelog for 0.3.3

  • Fixes for text issues. Thanks to Cubano, death25 & mke for reporting problems they found.
  • The final “friendly old man” scene will no longer act as if he's present in the relationship browser and the describe characters output – thanks to Cubano for reporting this one.
  • Following a request over pm on Patreon, added game length to the advanced customisation options.
  • Fixed an issue reported by antage where some stat names were being truncated as the list was too narrow.
  • Added the “Befriend” action that you can use to become close friends with someone. You need a good relationship with them first. Your boyfriend gets special treatment so you can't turn him into a 'normal' friend. For now the befriending scene is very limited – just a choice of npcs. In the future this will lead into another scene where you have to socialise with your potential future bff and convince them that you're worth spending time with.
  • There'll be (lots) more friend content coming up soon, but for now the main benefit of friends is that they provide you with a passive weekly benefit. Beware though! Some people don't make good friends and you might end up regretting bringing them into your life!
  • Added similar passive effects to your boyfriend. You can't unfriend him quite so easily though!
  • Limited the maximum number of friends based on the shy shy & outgoing traits – between one and three.
  • Added some friendship-related information to npcs in the relationship browser.
  • Added a friends screen to the UI. You can unfriend people through this, but some friends can be difficult to get rid of...
  • Added a small fitness training effect to the dance class, thanks to KTDid for suggesting this.
  • Added a new action to the cowgirl scene. This is a modification of one for the upcoming doggy-style scene, but which KTDid suggested could go in the existing ones as well.
  • Fixed a bug reported by KTDid where the stat for drinks bought for yourself was being increased if a man bought you a drink but you chose which one to have.
  • Replaced the Friend One/ Friend Two etc label with a more descriptive one, based on a suggestion from Cubano.
  • Made the willpower check to enable to “walk home alone” option at the end of a night clubbing a bit harder.
  • Characters with the romantic trait now get a larger willpower penalty when interacting with their boyfriend.

0.3.2 Edit

Here's the changelog for 0.3.2

  • Fixes for text issues. Thanks to souldead341, dm2bf & Cubano for reporting problems they found.
  • Fixed a bug where you could repeat the “free trial” at the gym. Thanks to Cubano for reporting this one.
  • Fixed a big reported by death25 where the action to accept or turn down a workout partner was incorrectly taking time in the scene.
  • Saving a template or starting a game with a non-numeric value in one of the personality weight fields will now show an error message and use the default values, instead of throwing an exception. Thanks to Cubano for reporting this issue.
  • Fixed an issue reported by dm2bf where Ivy was surprised to find you pregnant in the endgame scene even if you'd already visited her and told her about it.
  • If you find out you're pregnant via a checkup at the doctor then you'll automatically discover who the father is.
  • Fixed a bug reported by Cubano where it wasn't possible to create an athletic outfit with a sports bra but no top.
  • The orgasms stat wasn't being increased by successfully pleasuring yourself in the shower in the morning – fixed.
  • Added some new stats that were requested in a blog comment.
  • Changed clothing descriptions to support third-person pronouns. You won't see many differences from this (unless I made typos!) but it'll be an important step in adding female npcs.
  • Fixed a bug reported by an anonymous blog commenter where it was possible to both encourage and chastise the pervy client at the same time. This led to every action being de-activated except for the wife looking in, meaning she's always appear every turn. Now, encouraging him through the “flirt” or “butter up suggestively” action un-does the effect of telling him off, and lets him go back to feeling you up.
  • Some small changes to clothing stats, especially the effects of not wearing clothes of certain types.
  • Added a new sexy talk action for the missionary & standing sex scenes
  • Added a new scene, which will sometimes happen when you dance on your own in a club.

0.3.1 Edit

Here's the changelog for 0.3.1

  • Fixes for text issues. Thanks to souldead341, dutchheathen, death25 & Cubano for reporting problems they found.
  • Fixed a bug reported by souldead341 & by pm from a patron where the home date scene was ending a turn late on returning from some other scenes. This meant it could end the same turn you chose an action like “serious talk” that prompts for a follow-up selection.
  • Fixed a similar bug with the nightclub scene reported by death25.
  • Fixed another timing but reported by death25 where the scene at the client's home could run out of time just as you're about to have sex. It now won't end while you're facing a decision of whether to let him push you into his bed, or while you're deciding whether to accept his offer to get him off for a sale.
  • Choosing the Childcare as work experience in character creation now increases your starting skill. This should have been in the last version, but I completely forgot. Oops. Thanks to Orangejuice for prompting me to talk about work experience in a forum post, which made me remember about it.
  • Fixed a bug reported by souldead341, Cubano and also by pm on Patreon where the check for showing the father was missing a NOT so it was appearing as “Unknown” when the player had had a paternity test.
  • Ivy's ill-fitting clothes are no longer considered suitable for going out. Go and buy a nice dress if you want to date!
  • You can no longer go on or off the pill in the middle of the week using the character screen. This is still done on the same screen, but the button will be disabled except when you access it from the week planner.
  • Newlife windows will no longer “jump around” when switching between screens, a change first requested by tfgamessite user mke back in November when the last version was 0.1.3. Well, when things get put on the todo list they do get done. I never said they get done quickly.
  • Reduced the size of all screens so they should work for people using 1024x768 or 1366x768 resolutions.
  • Improved scrolling on the action list.
  • Removed the “random outfit” checkboxes and moved Random Outfit into being a choice in the outfit dropdowns, as suggested by Mugunghwa in an impressive UI mockup on Patreon. The default selection is now to pick a random outfit.
  • Added an advanced character creation section to the female character creation screen on the patron version. This contains some cheats & special customization options, although more will be added in future releases.
  • Alternative start with no fewer than four ways to get a game-over in the intro. Because I know that's what you really play the game for.
  • When you get dumped the guy will delete your number, which means he won't ask you out again unless you can charm him into exchanging numbers again. If you're the one who dumps him then he won't delete it, and you might get pestered by your ex asking you out on dates in the hope you'll get back together.
  • Standardized work experience bonuses to +30 skill points for those that have an effect. The exception is military which is expected to be split across fitness & martial arts, and so only gets half its effect for now. This means that sales & customer service are slightly better than before (+30 instead of +25), but fashion is significantly worse (used to be +50).
  • Added the fitness skill, but for now this has very little effect on the game. Maximum fitness skill is affected by your body type – only toned allows you to reach a skill of 100.
  • Straddling your partner in bed now has a failure chance based on how helpful he is, his weight (heavier partners are harder to roll over and get on top of), and your fitness skill. The push off / push away actions already had a failure chance, but they now also have a bonus based on fitness – or a penalty if your skill is negative.
  • Athletic outfits can now be created, and some athletic clothes have been added.
  • You can go to the gym on weekends or in your free time.
  • Added an in-game help screen with information for new players.

0.3.0 Edit

Here's the changelog for 0.3.0

  • Fixes for text issues. Thanks to dutchheathen & Cubano for reporting problems they found.
  • New childcare skill. This makes it easier to look after children. Maternal characters get a starting bonus and also enjoy spending time with their kids more.
  • Prenatal class that improves your childcare skill. Maternal characters enjoy taking these classes more, so they get a stress reduction from them. Other girls should consider them like an investment in reducing your future baby hassle!
  • Fixed a bug in the client meeting reported by Cubano where npc actions were sometimes being processed when they shouldn't be.
  • Added some fun text suggested by Cubano for when the player is heavily pregnant in the endgame scene. Although I did tone it down slightly to make Ivy sound just a tad less selfish.
  • Re-balanced the arousal & enjoyment effects of the sexy talk action in town.
  • Added some restrictions on lines in the “tell him you're ready” action where you tell your partner to get you pregnant. This now requires the Maternal trait, for you to be in a relationship and for you to have feelings for him. No more asking one-night-stands to give you a baby. At least not from this action. There are some other lines I plan to have a look at in the future.
  • You can now call your boyfriend to come join you in the couples dance tournament. He'll always come, but he might be annoyed if he doesn't like dancing much. You'll also get a penalty to your performance rating if he's a worse dancer than the other men there.
  • Updated the character sheet to show the pregnancy stage, as suggested by Cubano.
  • You can't have sex standing up in the third trimester of pregnancy. You can still make out standing up, go on your knees to please your partner, or go to bed if you're in a place with a bedroom.
  • New traits for npcs that determine whether or not they want to have kids, and if they'll try to impregnate you by underhand methods. These underhand methods are only slightly implemented so far – more will come in later versions.
  • Men who don't want kids are less likely to ask you to be their girlfriend if you're pregnant or you have children.
  • Various text updates & arousal/enjoyment effects in existing scenes based on these new traits and/or pregnancy status.
  • Men who've broken up with you are less likely to ask you to get back together. This can still happen at high relationship/attractiveness values though.
  • Men who don't want kids find you less attractive when you're visibly pregnant. Men who particularly want children find you more attractive, especially if they know the baby is theirs. I did consider having a separate “pregnancy fetish” trait, but for now I'm keeping it simple.
  • New action in your home where you can talk about your relationship with a man. You'll then get a follow-up choice of what to talk about. For now there are two possible things to say – you can declare your love for him or tell him you're pregnant with his child. The option won't appear if neither of these topics is available.
  • New scene for telling men they made you pregnant. For now you can only tell the father. You need to discover the father by getting a paternity test when you visit your doctor on weekends before you can make the announcement. There are quite a lot of possible reactions, based on his traits and your relationship.
  • If you're in a relationship then either he needs to be very supportive or it will have to be quite strong to survive having a baby without telling him he's the dad. This won't be a problem if you were knowingly pregnant when you got together – he can hardly complain about not knowing if he's the father if conception took place before you were his girlfriend.
  • If you think a 40-week pregnancy is too long, why not spend the weekend visiting your neighbourhood doctor or perhaps a friendly local mad scientist? Modern medicine can help with all sorts of things that would be unimaginable just a few years ago.
  • Added a small table with a list of your children to the Home & Inventory tab of the character screen.
  • Increased the game's length to 52 weeks.

0.2.x - Pregnancy Edit

0.2.10 Edit

Here's the changelog for 0.2.10: [ 0.2.10]

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Here's the changelog for 0.2.9: [ 0.2.9]

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Here's the changelog for 0.2.8: [ 0.2.8]

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Here's the changelog for 0.2.7: [ 0.2.7]

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Here's the changelog for 0.2.5: [ 0.2.5]

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Here's the changelog for 0.2.4: [ 0.2.4]

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Here's the changelog for 0.2.3: [ 0.2.3]

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Here's the changelog for 0.2.2: [ 0.2.2]

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Here's the changelog for 0.2.1: [ 0.2.1]

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0.1.x - Themeless Edit

0.1.4 Edit

Here's the changelog for 0.1.4: [ 0.1.4]

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Here's the changelog for 0.1.3: [ 0.1.3]

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Here's the changelog for 0.1.2: [ 0.1.2]

0.1.1 Edit

Here's the changelog for 0.1.1: [ 0.1.1]

0.1.0 Edit

Here's the changelog for 0.1.0

  • Almost complete character creator for both male and female versions of your character
  • Buy and wear different clothes that affect your in-game attractiveness and also may have other effects
  • Go Clubbing and have sex with random men.
  • Get asked out on dates and try to build a romance
  • Get a boyfriend (no marriage yet though - sorry!)
  • Suffer through a crappy stressful job, but if you do well you can get promoted to a better paid crappy stressful job.
  • Be taken advantage of by sleazy men, let things go too far, and accidentally become pregnant
  • Lots of bugs!
  • First version lasts just 26 weeks because there isn't enough content for longer and also because the current pregnancy system is just a simple placeholder.