Sleazy Edit

Named in code: SLEASY
In Relationship Browser: He's quite a sleazy person.

Opposed Traits Edit

Additional Info Edit

Sleazy is a major trait that influences a lot of the npc's behaviour and dialogue, It conflicts with girls who have the refined trait, as they like things to be 'proper', which means they aren't so comfortable with overt sexuality. It's a good match for PC's with the sexual preference Overactive imagination.

It's the trait Splendid Ostrich use anytime he/she wants to add content that needs the npc to be very openly sexual, especially if it means going beyond what would normally be socially acceptable.

Basically, sleazy npcs are all about sex. They talk about it more, they'll show sexual interest very directly by e.g. staring down your top, they'll take sexual actions more often, including inappropriate ones like touching you up in clubs. When you make out with them they're more likely to grope you in intimate places than to give you a tender kiss.

Like crude this trait normally never shows up on romantic men, although this is ok for a custom npc.