Lowlife Edit

Named in code: LOWLIFE
In Relationship Browser: ?

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Additional Info Edit

No opposites. These characters can appear in a certain event. Unlike repairmen, they will never appear otherwise - you'll never see them in the club for example. The appropriate scene assumes that lowlives are Jerks who lack the CHARMING trait. Creating a custom lowlife who doesn't fit this definition is not recommended as it could lead to odd behaviour - switching between asshole and nice-guy attitudes depending on whether the scene in question includes support for other Personality types. However, such NPCs are valid and will load, even if they act strangely in-game. Newlife will ensure there are at least 3 lowlives, even if you don't create any. Default lowlives are always jerks of one of the 2 younger age categories without the CHARMING or FASHIONABLE traits. Both custom and default lowlives cannot be befriended and will not show up in scenes unless specifically set to appear. This trait was introduce in 0.3.19.