Code Description Effect Unfriend
NEEDY_FRIEND ____ is a needy friend.

Some friends are just always in need of support and can't go even a single day without calling you to unload their problems. It's exhausting!

You'll suffer 5 points of stress. Bad relationship required.
PARTY_FRIEND ____ is a party animal.

Party animals are all about having fun and living in the moment. Whether you're that sort or not, it can still be relaxing to let your hair down once in a while. They do have a tendency to live beyond their means though, and that means sometimes picking up their tab.

You'll be £10 worse off each week.

You'll shed 6 points of stress.

CALMING_FRIEND ____ is a calming friend.

They might not be the most interesting to talk to, but for some reason after spending time with them you always sleep really soundly.

You'll shed 5 points of stress.
DANCE_NUT ____ is a dance nut.

A friend who's obsessed with dancing. Just spending time with them will help you pick up some skills of your own.

You'll improve your Dance by 1.
GENEROUS_FRIEND ____ is a generous friend.

Generous friends don't worry much about money, and are happy to help out people they like. Because they're so willing to pick up the bill whenever you do things together, you'll find that you have more money to spend on yourself.

You'll be £10 better off each week.
FASHION_GURU ____ is a fashion guru.

This is a friend who carefully follows the latest styles and trends. Just from having them as a friend, you'll pick up tips on how to look and dress.

You'll improve your Fashion by 1.
MOOCHER ____ is a moocher.

This is the sort of friend that lives to borrow money from you. They might not realise that they're being a bad friend, and they'll sometimes even be there for you when you feel bad, but they're an expensive person to know.

You'll be £30 worse off each week.

You'll shed 3 points of stress.

Bad relationship required.
EXPLOITATIVE_FRIEND ____ is an exploitative friend.

Exploiters live to take advantage of people. In the case of their friends, that means financially. Their manipulative nature makes them hard to get rid of too, unless you can really convince them to take pity on you.

You'll be £30 worse off each week. Very close relationship required.
WITTY_FRIEND ____ is a witty friend.

This is the sort of person who always has a joke or a quip at the ready. With them as a friend, perhaps some of their wit will rub off on you.

You'll improve your Charm by 1.
MISANTHROPIC_FRIEND ____ is a misanthropic friend.

Misanthropes hate everyone, and only hang out with other people so they can spread bitterness around. Luckily, their contempt for others includes you, which means it's quite easy to get rid of a 'friend' like this. If you do decide to spend time with them, you'll find their attitude rubs off on you, leading to a deterioration in your social skills.

Your Charm will worsen by 2.
BOSS_FRIEND ____ is a workplace mentor.

Sometimes it helps to get close to your boss. As long as you're in the same company as them, a workplace mentor will help you get ahead with your career.

Your job performance will improve.