A camisole or cami is a sleeveless waist-length top with spaghetti straps. This particular one is intended for wear as titillating bedroom attire.

Short description Edit

a [transparent] [colour] camisole

Colours Edit

black, red, white, pink, blue, yellow

Variants Edit

thin (always), low cut, transparent

Types Edit


Base stats Edit

  • Attractiveness 5
  • Naughtiness 3
  • Elegance 0

Max stats Edit

  • Attractiveness 7 (low cut and transparent)
  • Naughtiness 2 (white or pink, not low cut and not transparent)
  • Naughtiness 9 (red, low cut and transparent)
  • Elegance 0 (not yellow)
  • Casualness 2 (yellow)