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Repeatable: Depends on path

Requirements Edit

  • Boyfriend does not have Jerk or Selfish personalities.
  • Boyfriend does not have 'doormat' or 'likes-to-share' traits.
  • Boyfriend is not Horse.
  • In a relationship at least 4 weeks.
  • Some liking and love for him (aromantic trait will block this chain). To see your relationship is good enough is see if you "can tell him you love him" during the "Serious Talk" option when he is over at your place.

Can happen during Activity Edit

Event Description Edit

First Encounter Edit

Boyfriend will text about a good friend that has returned to town. Jerk will ask awkward questions like use of condoms and birth control. Jerk will 'help pour drinks' and squeeze player's breasts when boyfriend goes to the bathroom. If you object, he cops a feel at your crotch as well. If you have sensitive pussy/breasts will comment about finding your weakness.

Light Maintenance Edit

Later, a light fitting falls partway out of the ceiling to dangle over your bed. You end up calling jerk for help and he fixes it. He then hits on you. If you freeze or object then say nothing, things get intimate. As you orgasm, your boyfriend calls and you try not to let on that you are cheating.

Alcohol Encounter

This event seems to happen only if you reject his previous advances and if you do not have the "Clear Headed" train. He will come over with a bottle of alcohol and ask to hang out. If you decide to accept his offer and drink, it will lead to a sex scene.

Late-night Visit Edit

This part was repeatable. Jerk pops up at your door late at night and seduces you into bed with him. Standard sex interaction, fight-it response to orgasm shows special text. Notes:

  • If you stop him before sex on Light Maintenance, he doesn't come back.
  • If you break up the late-night visit during makeout (i.e. no-condom-no-sex) he'll try to take you to your bedroom and try again.
  • Late-night visit seemed to repeat as long as you don't confess to boyfriend. Possibly if you reject him or leave him unsatisfied later too (not sure).
  • Currently this is the end of the event chain if you end up being seduced by the Jerk. There is currently no option to leave your current boyfriend for the jerk yet.

Revenge Edit

If you didn't tell your boyfriend/fiance/husband about the jerk during the initial encounter and continue to reject all of his advances, and event will occur where you can decide to either to deal with the jerk or ignore it. Deciding to deal with him will lead to a scene where you turn the tables on him. You can ask Ivy to help you by turning the Jerk into a woman himself. You can choose to change his personality, his name, and also force him to have sex with your boyfriend. A fitting end.