Bodycon, short for "body-conscious" is a dress that clings tightly to your body. This one is only really suitable for going out in.

Short description Edit

a [thin] [colour] bodycon dress

Colours Edit

white, pink, yellow, red, purple, green, blue, cream black, grey, brown

Variants Edit

clingy (always), low cut, thin, see-through

Top Types Edit

strappy, zip, buttons, haltertop, strapless

Skirt Length Edit


Base stats Edit

  • Attractiveness 9
  • Naughtiness 6
  • Elegance 0

Max stats Edit

  • Attractiveness 14 (low cut, thin, see-through)
  • Naughtiness 1 (buttons, pink, not low cut, not thin, not see-through)
  • Naughtiness 18 (strappy or zip, red or black, low cut, thin, see-through)
  • Elegance 2 (zip, not low cut, not see-through)
  • Casualness 9 (buttons, low cut, see-through)

Notes Edit

  • Haltertop and strapless cannot be low cut
  • Low cut and no bra yields an additional 3 naughtiness and 1 attractiveness
  • No panties yields an additional 5 naughtiness